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Papiro Prisse. Prisse Papyrus. Referente del protocolo. II.

Referente histórico de las reglas de convivencia y civilidad.


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El papiro Prisse.

If you meet an opponent in his moment
Your equal, a man from your levels,
silence is how you establish your superiority over him,
while he is bad mouthing,
greatly to the disgust of the assessors,
and your name is the good one in the mind of the officials.

If you meet an opponent in his moment
Who is a poor man, and not your equal,
do not vent your hear on him by his wretchedness.
Put him on land for him to oppose himself.
Do not pour out your heart at the man facing you.
The demolition of a wretched heart is a difficult matter.
What you wish will be done;
beat him with the hostility of the officials.

If you are to be among leaders
at a command for the condition of the multitude,
seek out for yourself every effective moment,
until your condition reaches faultlessness.
What is right is great, and (its) keenness enduring.
It has not been overturned since the time of Osiris.
The one who overlooks laws is punished;
that is what is overlooked in the sight of the greedy.
It is the small-minded that seize riches,
but crime never managed to land its rewards.
Whoever says 'I snare for myself'
does not say 'I snare for my needs'.
The final part of what is right is its endurance;
of which a man says 'that is my father'

Do not cause fear among people
God punishes with the same.
Anyone who says 'I can live by it'
will lack bread for his statement.
Anyone who say 'I can be powerful'
will have to say 'I snare against myself by my cleverness'.
Anyone who says he will strike another,
will end by being given to a stranger.

If you are a man at a sitting
at the table place of one greater than you,
take whatever he causes to be set before you,
do not stare at what is before him,
do not pierce it with many glances
Pressing it is an offence to the ka.
Do not speak to him until he has requested:
you never know what may displease.
Speak when he questions you,
and your speech will please.
A great man, when he is at a meal,
behaviour following the command of his ka,
he will give to the one he favours,
that is the night-time behaviour that happens
- only a fool complains about it.

If you are a man of entry
sent by official to official,
be precise in the form he sent you
carry out the mission for him as he says.
Guard against harming with words,
embroiling official with official.
Grasp what is right by its likeness;
an outburst of the heart is not repeated
from the speech of all people.

If you plough for plants on the margins,
the god grants it to be great by your hand
Do not inflate your mouth beside your neighbours;
to inspire awe by being silent is greater.
A master of character who is master of wealth,
he seizes like a crocodile in the council.
Do not scorn the childless man,
do not bemean by boasting over it.
Even a father can have his plenty of grief;
a mother who has given birth may be less happy than a maid.
It is the lone man that the god fosters,
while the lord of a clan may beg to be followed.


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