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Papiro Prisse. Prisse Papyrus. Referente del protocolo. VI.

  • Referente histórico de las reglas de convivencia y civilidad.


Autor y Fuente

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    University College London -


El papiro Prisse.

Do not have sex with a child woman
when you knew the approach to the water of its chest.
There is no cooling what is in his body.
Do not go mad on making the approach.
He is cool after damaging his heart.

If you seek out the character of a friend,
do not make your own enquiries, go direct to him,
make the case with him alone
to avoid suffering in his matter.
Debate with him after a period of time,
and try his heart in the matter of the case.
If what he has seen come out through him,
and he does the matter that angers you about him,
or that makes him a friend,
do not seize the sight,
be collected, do not deluge him with words,
do not reply with a slight,
do not react against him by destroying him.
His moment cannot fail to come.
Noone can escape from what is fated for him.

Let your face be bright as long as you live.
Whoever leaves the store cannot enter.
It is the bread of sharing that causes envy.
A man with an empty stomach is a man to complain;
the opponent is born out of impoverishment.
Do not make him into someone to approach you.
Favour is the memory of a man
in the years after ruin.

Know your plumage and your property will last.
Do not be mean in your character towards your friends.
They are his river field when it floods, more important than his riches.
They are the property of one for another.
The quality of a son of a someone is good for him;
good character will be remembered.

Punish from the head, teach by character.
The force against a criminal will be a model example.
Any instance except for results
is what makes a moaner turn into an active opponent.

If you marry a good-time girl
A joyful woman known to her town,
If she is wayward,
and revels in the moment,
do not reject her, but instead let her enjoy;
joyfulness is what marks calm water.

If you heed these things that I have told you
all your conduct will move forward.
Their holding true, that is their wealth.
The memory of them moves in the mouth of people
from the excellence of their phrasing.
When every saying has been brought,
it does not perish in this land forever.
Doing it is a matter for goodness,
the words of the officials follow it.
This is the teaching of a man to speak to posterity,
hearing it he becomes an attentive craftsman.
It is good to speak to posterity, for it will hear it.
If there good cases arise from the one who is the superior,
he will be eternally effective,
all his wisdom will last forever.
The wise man nourishes his soul
by establishing his goodness with it on earth.
The wise man is famed for what he has learned,
it is the official who is after good conduct.
from the action of his heart and his tongue,
his lips are reliable when he is speaking,
and his eyes in seeing,
his ears intent in hearing what is useful for his son.
Who does what is right, is free from falsehood.

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